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Due to the Coronavirus we will not be having any viewings. Deliveries will be only delivered to your naturestrip with no physical contact with you. 
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Taking orders for early February now. We are fully booked until then. 
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Please note we will be Closed from 23rd December through to the 11th January. 
Have a look at our Quality Built Chicken Coops built by us here at Avonsleigh.

We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will build you a Chicken Coop to meet your expectations.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, Chicken Coops, Feeders & drinkers made exclusively by us. Raised Vegetable Beds, Brooder Boxes.
We're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  Ph 0409547719  
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Check out the "Home Page" & our second page "About Us" for more Designs,Options  & Products
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                No 1 -Basic Coop
                    Price is $1200.00
            Measures 185cm long x 125cm wide x 180cm tall.   
              Fox proof floor rear nesting boxes
      Can come with extras -outside fill Feeder   $90   Float operated drinker $90 & wheels $100                      Roof Capping $40

Basic Size Coop No 1
Medium Size Coop No 1 
                                  No 2 -Medium Size Coop 
                       Price is $1400.00
                  Measures 215cm x 125cm x 180cm
                   Extras are available on all models
                                  Can come with front or side door.
Medium Size Coop No 2Medium Chicken Coop No 2 with side door                         

                       Can come with a side door
                           No 3- Large Chicken Coop 
                     Price is $1800.00
 Measures 255cm long x 150cm wide x 192cm tall 
    Drinker & Feeder @ $90each Wheels -$100
                    Roof Capping $60.00
Large Chicken Coop No 3Large Chicken Coop No 3                         
Narrow Chicken Coop with small wire No 4   No 4 Narrow Coop
      Price is $1200.00      Measures 200cm x 95cm x 170cm
   Perfect for the city block 
No 4 A- Longer size 250cm x 95cm x 170cm                     $1350.00                  
Narrow Chicken Coop No 4 
Inside Narrow Chicken Coop No 4                                    

No 4B Longer Narrow Coop with sloping Roof for putting up to a fence or building  250cm x 95cm x 170cm $1600.00  

             No 5 -Extra Large Coop
                Price is- $2250.00
  Measures -330cm long x 150cm wide x 210cm tall
     For the serious chicken lover who the room.   

Extra Large Chicken Coop No 5
Extra Large Chicken Coop No 5                   

Extra Large Chicken Coop No 5

All our coops can now come with colourbond
sheeting on the walls as per photo above at an extra cost of $50.00. 
--------------------------------------------------------------                                                                      Below - This is our Extra Large Coop with a customer request for a Fox-Proof Shute & a Solar Door fitted.
Extra Large Coop No 5 with a customer request for a Fox-Proof Shute & a Solar Door fitted.
Inside Coop showing Fox ShuteFox Shute


Fox Shute - includes sliding door & small shelf $450.00
Solar powered opening door can          also be fitted

Customer order- Extra Large Coop with longer timber walls $2350.00

              No 6 -Coop                            Price is $1960.00
 Same size as our Large Coop No 3 but     Has extra shelving to cater for small      chickens or Broody Hens.               Can be used as a Cat Run also.
 Feeder, Drinker & Wheels, 
   Roof Capping are extra.
chicken coop with extra shelving No 6chicken coop with extra shelving 

         ** New Coop **
       No 7 Mega Large Coop     Price $3390.00
 Measures 420cm long x 150cm wide x 210cm tall.  Has 5 nesting boxes

Mega Chicken Coop No 7Mega Chicken coop No 7

Inside CoopMega Chicken coop Extra Nesting Boxes No 7

Mega Chicken coop No 7                 
Mega chicken Coop on Trailer

Mega Large Coop with longer side timber walls $3500.00           

              **New Coop **
 No 8. Closed in Geese/Chicken Coop

         Price $1300.00
Measures 170cm long x 125cm deep x 170cm tall. Has timber floor. Can have nesting boxes built in @ cost $80.00  

             No 9 Large Upright Coop
             Price $2290.00


   Measures 250cm long (including nesting boxes) x 150cm wide x 200cm high                   
"More Coops on our About Us page"
Now Available
Metal Treadle Feeders 4.7Kg maximum.
Comes with timber shelf $100.00

         Brooder Box  $200
Brooder Boxcomes with Dimmer switch to adjust the temperature & small door opening
Measures 60cm w x 55cm deep x 35cm tall 
Can have an extendable cage-$60
Brooder box with extra wire run

   Check out our "About Us" page for more sizes and photos of more Great Coops and other products.
Large Chicken Coop No 3 
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